Book Review: Biblical Eschatology, 2nd ed. (Jonathan Menn)




For what it may be worth, I list the five main things I did in the second edition on Amazon in a note From the Author. Re.

Subject Index

  • is tighter and more user-friendly, eliminating a lot of extraneous entries,
  • most importantly, it begins with a list of the 40 tables/diagrams/outlines that the book contains (that was not in the index before).
  • the writing has been tightened throughout

Chapter 4

  • a couple more bullets on p.38,
  • the table on pp. 39-40 has been expanded somewhat,
  • the entire 3-page section on the quantitative difference between the two ages, beginning at the bottom of p.40, is new.

Chapter 5

  • pp.55-57 are essentially new.

Chapter 8

  • the section on New Creation Millennialism (pp.93-95) is new,
  • the discussion of postmillennialism has been augmented and includes more and better postmillennial citations as has the discussion and critique of preterism (in the first edition I didn’t quote or cite Don Preston, a leading “full preterism” proponent–now I do quite a bit).

Appendix 2

  • I reordered, augmented, and strengthened the section on the “two resurrections” from p.374 to the top of p. 386.

Minor addition,

  • Chapter 12, the chapter which deals essentially with “What difference does it make?” I think that chapter is important because most people don’t think eschatology is relevant for practical life, but I think I have shown that, historically and logically, it has made a big difference and can lead to an integrated, coherent theology and life.

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